Club 42 began in the summer of 2014 with a conversation between co-founders Johnny Buc Lockwood and John Branca, friends and business associates of over 20 years.

Jones Wesley, was approached by Club 42 co-founders Johnny Buc Lockwood and Melissa Bowden that same summer to embark on a journey to begin what Lockwood called, “a flying block party,” in hopes to bring youth from all corners together for baseball. As a former NCAA DI softball player, this was right up Jones Wesley’s alley, and she soon began volunteering for the ‘start-up’ non-profit.

Fast forward to nearly four years later, and what began as volunteer youth baseball coaching, lead to Jones Wesley being the executive director of Club 42, which has expanded to supporting music, dance and academic support to middle school youth.

Club 42 and Jones Wesley have been featured in,, Urban Magazine, L.A. Parent Magazine, BlackHollywoodLive, the Palisades Post and other local papers.

Jones Wesley is able to consult with non-profits who are jut beginning to help new initiatives achieve success.

Contact Erin today to find out how she can help your new non-profit succeed.

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